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Get ready because Coachella 2015 pre-sales goes on sale this Friday, May 16, 2014! What does this mean?

Well, for one  you must put down 20% down payment for your ticket. This is a great way to secure a ticket especially since scalpers try to sell them for double the amount come time for Coachella. I promise you whether its your first time going or third this is a great idea! You wont have to worry about a ticket later, plus this way you can pay month to month & not worry about paying up from ($375.00) unless you want to which you are more than welcome to. I prefer the month to month plan now that's just me. Here is the link just in case you must have an account with Goldenvoice (

I can already feel the warm desert sun on my skin, feel my feet ache from all the walking and boy oh boy smell the dust storm!

I took some time away from blogging because, I was focused on school, work, and a bunch of other crap. I really really missed it so I decided to refresh my blog. I probably will continue to change things well, because I am never contained with just settling for something. I love to play around with themes, colors, styles, etc. I hope this blog is exciting for others as exciting it is for me. 

I am not new to the blogging world. I have had this specific blog since 2009 but, I have changed my mind about its platform so many times I can seem to keep it going for once. This time I plan to share exactly who I am and what I enjoy. 

Here you will get to follow my footsteps into my professional career, enthusiasm for music, love for beauty & all things fashion. I am not one type of blogger but, a life-experimenter, adventure junkie, & memory maker! I love to share my  interests in so many things heck, I'm a thespian of all things life!

Hope you enjoy,


I have never been more excited to purchase a hair brush than I was this past weekend. I found the clearance rack casually strolling through Target looking for the toothpaste. This Sonia Kashuk gold brush caught my attention. I couldn't wait to get home and tear the packaging apart to use it on my luscious lockes. Well, to my excitement it was honestly one the best purchases I had made at Target! I went in for two items and walked out with a cart full (how many times does this happen to us?). 

I wanted to share my joy with you readers in hopes you go out and purchase one yourself. The brush is comfortable lightweight. Does not tangle or pull your hair fills like you are in a Disney film with a magical golden brush. Eeeeee can you hear my joy!

Target link for Sonia Kashuk Gold Brush

My Review:
I had recently had the pleasure of being transformed to the luscious and amazonian beauty of Rahua. On a trip earlier this year I was introduced to Rahua Beauty (Cosmopolitan Bungalow suites) instead of small bottles of shampoo. The hotel provided these lovely bottles of shampoo & conditioner. I decided to try them and WOW! Did I fall in love or what!

I took the bottles home with me and since I have very long, thick, Armenian hair it obviously ran out after a few washes. So, I ordered some from and I was truly in love. This has been my go to shampoo and conditioner. I am in love & obsessed with this brand and the transformation it has given my beautiful Armenian hair! The scent is refreshing and I feel like Im an Amazonian beauty jumping out of the shower with gorgeous hair!

Rahua Shampoo strengthens color-treated and delicate hair. Made with rainforest grown ingredients, Rahua Elixir repairs damaged hair and Palo Santo imparts a beautiful aroma. Organic Rahua Shampoo is free of chemical preservatives and 100% natural. 

Key ingredients in Rahua Shampoo include Rahua Elixir which instantly repairs damaged hair and speeds hair growth and Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), a centuries old calming ingredient from aged holy wood that imparts an amazingly beautiful aroma and is traditionally used in Shaman ceremonies. 

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In my profession I have to go through magazines on a daily basis. Sometimes I come across really fun samples and sometimes they are just annoying. Recently, I came across the Maybelline NY Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick and it was late in the afternoon so I decided heck why not lets try this. 

As, I applied I really liked the smooth texture and light-weight of the foundation. When I left work I drove to 3 different pharmacy's trying to find these sticks! Well, finally I found them at a Walgreen's and purchased numbers 115 and 120. I have normal to dry skin but, in the afternoon my skin tends to get oily. I blot with a napkin to get the excess oil off. 

I used my Maybelline NY Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick and have since stopped using my MAC products for everyday use. I love using different products to see how they work with my skin but, I have come to love this product for my everyday makeup choice. I use various products but, this was a product I wanted to share with everyone to go out and get one or two! You will really like the matte coverage and you do not have the excess heavey coverage I sometimes feel from my MAC products.

The product lasted fairly well on me. It held up to 6 hours before I start noticing signs of fading. It also does a very good job at controlling shine from my T-zone, I love. I also add my MAC loose powder all over to finish.

Price: $7.00-$10.00

Available at: CVS, Walgreens, Target

This was my first time ever attending the Coachella Music & Arts Festival [2013]. This post is strictly on my experience and what I take from this lovely weekend.

I had absolutely no expectations of the weekend/event and what I was getting myself into. But, because of the natural excitement of going on a trip my sibling and I had overslept. We had initially planned on getting on the road at 9am. Checking into our hotel early and heading over to the festival around 12noon. Ha! That of course did not happen.  By the time we woke up gathered our belongings, went to the bank, picked up some refreshments it was way past noon. We actually had a pretty smooth ride to Palm Springs, CA no traffic and the warm Cali sunshine guiding us. We arrived at our hotel approximately around 3:30om checked in changed and immediately headed over to the event. 

I was fairly surprised at how well organized the event was. We were guided towards “day time parking” we had no trouble immediately being assisted by festival employers to a safe spot. We strolled into the event and were greeted by the 1st security check in. We were told that we may bring empty water bottles to fill with water inside the festival. But, any liquids in the bottles prior must be emptied out. I thought this was a decent trade for not spending close to $6 on a bottle of water at a festival.
We received a 2nd security check in but, the organizers’ of the event were respectful and gracious. Unlike some events like the Swedish House Mafia’s event at the LA Historic park & EDC where you are frisked harder than an airport security screening. I was surprised at how respectful and dutiful the Coachella employees were. 

We strolled onto the fresh green grass onto the Empire Polo grounds and as I saw the Ferris wheel I knew we had arrived!

The entire polo grounds were turned into a wonderland of pop-up stores for various merchandise you can purchase, refreshment areas, food vendors (which were AHHMAZING) you had everything from Ruth’s Steak House to, wood-fired pizza and garlic lobster fries! I did not meet one individual whom was rude, obnoxious, unhelpful my entire 3 days at the festival. The “Beer Gardens” were strictly for 21+ individuals where you were able to purchase Heineken or Absolute vodka only. Since these were the only alcohol vendors. I stuck with my Heineken all weekend. 

There was so much to do within a 3-day span of time it was pretty difficult to do everything you really wanted or even see everything. There were mini-lounges where you could relax listen to music, cool off to some air-conditioning.  The one downfall was finding your friends! If you were not with a group of friends and had a “meet up location” there was a high probability you would loose them. The cell reception was not bad at all. Just trying to get online was a bit difficult at times when crowds were larger. Friday was not as bad but when Saturday & Sunday came along and more festival goers attended it became scare. 

I saw many individuals carrying large balloon animals &; flowers on long sticks and wondered “Why the heck they would be doing this” I realized later it was a great way to look for your friends if you had lost them in a crowd of moving people. There was absolutely NO way of finding your friends even if you stood on a trash-can or table. All you saw was a sea of moving bodies (ha-ha). 

My recommendations are definitely have a place where you can find your friends if you lost them. I preferred the beer garden right in front of the Sahara tent. There were a few stages with various acts playing throughout the day. The main stage, outdoor stage, Yuma (which was thrown by Muse Lifestyle & Co.) it was basically Sound Nightclub at Coachella. I thought this was pretty cool but, I wanted to be at a festival rather than a “nightclub” but, the air-conditioning helped even getting away from the strong winds at times. The Mojave tent was pretty neat listening to Bauer drop the Harlem shake #Coachella version. 

My personal favorite moments of this event was Fedde La Grand and jamming out with my friends, relaxing on the grass when The XX came on, getting my groove on to Red Hot Chili Peppers, enjoying some Wu-Tang Clan, and dancing in a sandstorm to Eric Prydz. Yes, it was literally a sand-storm; it became extremely windy on the last day of Weekend 1 and we didn’t care. We all purchased some bandanas to cover our mouths from the wind and just danced till the last beat! 

My Coachella Style 

Day 1 Wild Child with some Flowers in my hair ( I personally made the headband)

Day 2 Rebel meets 2Chainz (never go wrong with red lips)

Day 3 "God Save the QUEEN" - My friends call me the Queen it was only fair to commemorate their absence.

        “My Recommendations”
  • Take light items- blankets cheap ones you can find at Forever 21
  • Fanny pack, light backpack
  • Sun tan lotion, sun block etc.
  • Hand sanitizer, wet ones
  • Comfy shoes for walking, maybe light pair of back flip flops store in your backpack
  • Sunglasses, bandana, hat
  • Meet it location with your friends
  • Back up battery for your phone!

 I am excited to attend Coachella 2013! This will be my first year attending The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival; everyone I know is excited to be a part of one of the hottest festivals of the season. There have been some new additions this year such as the new “Yuma” stage, modeled after The Carl Cox and Friends Mega Structure seen at Ultra Music Festival, this year’s festival is going to be massive.  Here are the set times, and some artists you truly cannot miss (I am going to try my best to see most of them) during your desert escapade!


Day 1:

Yeah Yeahs, Passion Pit, Bassnectar, Passion Pit, Wolfgang Gartner, Nicky Romero, Modestep, Tommy Trash , Thomas Gold, Nicky Romero, Bassnecter, Luciano, Pete Tong, Dillon Francis, Aesop, Rock, Jurassic 5, White Arrows, Infected Mushroom

Day 2:

Phoneix, Hot Chip, Knife Party , Benny Benassi, Major Lazer, 2 Chainz, Knife Party, Moby
Franz Ferdinand, Portugal the Man, Fedde Le Grand, Bingo Players, Kill The Noise, Baauer, Birdy Nam Nam

Day 3:

Red Hot chili Peppers, Wu-Tang Clan, Disclosure, Eric Prydz. La Roux, Excision
Hardwell, Dub Fx, Loco Dice, Dirtyphonics , Danny Avila, Mord Fustang, Adrian Lux

Update: Venue Map